Policies & Procedures

The programs offered at New Technology Group Centre categorized under End User program.


  • All programs under this category are for individuals aspiring for acquiring a particular skill set in Information Technology.
  • Any individual can enroll for such a program
  • At the end of such program student is given a certificate
  • Duration of End-user programs can vary


  • Admission Requirements
  • Following documents are given to the student at the time of enquiry
    • Student Hand Book
    • Application form for admission
    • Application program brochures
  • Formal application on a prescribed form is the pre-requisite for admission to any program in New Technology Group.
  • An application will be treated as valid only if the following terms are satisfied
    • The student name is filled up
    • The date of application is duly filled in
    • Student and the counselor sign the form
    • Students submits the proof of completion of the stated qualification
  • Admission to any program is based on the Selection. Admission process for any program typically includes a test and interview. The test is an aptitude and or technical test. The interview is conducted to assess the student’s communication skills.
  • There are two types of admissions possible:
    • Regular Admission
    • Re-entry Admission
  • Regular Admission
    • Admission to a complete program without any exemption
  • Re-entry Admission
    • Students who done a course from any center of New Technology Group can continue the further training by taking the re-entry admission. This admission is subject to availability of the seats and the required course in the center.


  • A student who has qualified for admission gets the confirmed Admission by paying the
    • Admission fee
    • Registration fee
    • Courseware fee
    • Tuition fee
    • Any other fee as applicable at the time of admission
  • Expiry/Cancellation of Admission
    Admission of a student to a specific program is valid any one of the following conditions is met:
    • Normal expiry of the contract
    • Breach of any of the following terms on part of the student
    • Non-Payment of any installment till due date
    • Using unfair means during examinations or use of threatening language with other students or staff

Any student who does not complete program and leaves the program is termed to have exited out of New Technology Group
A student can exit from the program by giving an application to the center head without paying any additional fee


  • Normal fee
    The following fee is to be paid at the time of admission to any program in New Technology Group.
    • Admission fee
    • Registration fee
    • Tuition fee
    • Courseware fee
  • Admission fee is to be paid at the time of fresh admission to any program offered by New Technology Group. This fee is non-Refundable.
  • Registration fee is to be paid at the time of batch allocation for any program duration. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Tuition fee and courseware fees are combined into a composite payment plan for the student. Payments have to be made at the time of admission/batch allocation and on a monthly basis, as per the payment plan for Normal and weekend course.
  • The first monthly payment is due from the student on the month following the month of commencement of the batch. If the fees are not paid

No fee is applicable for this service.

Registration is a vital process two weeks before classes. Registration shall have to be completed by every student, failing which the student will not be permitted to attend any session or use any of the center facilities.


  • The medium of instruction for all courses is typically English.
  • Module feedback and service quality feedback provide indication of the student satisfaction levels.


  • Fast track it shall be of 5 to 10 days duration
  • Normal classes it shall be 3 to 4 months duration
  • Weekend classes it shall be 4 to 5 months duration
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