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Accounting and Software Course OUtline

Pastel Accounting Course

This Pastel course provides a great product information base creating greater awareness and confidence when using Pastel Xpress. Not only do students learn about the different features in the product, but they also learn why they need to know this information.

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Pastel Accounting Course - Advance

Our Pastel Partner courses will equip trainee with the necessary skills to become an accounting master! Receive intermediate to advanced training on Softline Pastel, the most successful, easy-to-use and powerful accounting system.

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Pastel Accounting Course - Intermediate

This comprehensive training course will give the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a bookkeeper to trial balance function using Pastel Partner

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Pastel Accounting Course - Processing

This course will familiarise with the different types of accounts, the double entry system, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and types of companies using pastel processing.

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Tally Accounting Course

Tally - The Power of Simplicity

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