Unified Communication & Call Centre

There are enormous advantages from an Internet protocol Telephony (IPT) solution − including cost savings achieved by converging voice, data and video over an IP connection to the desktop.

NTG makes it happen with its leading edge IPT solutions, including tailored consulting and end-to-end support.

NTG's IPT extends the reach of our global high-quality Voice over IP service to enterprise telephony by using existing local area network (LAN) infrastructure.

We have partnered with Avaya which provides IP Telephony core communications services that enable innovative unified communications and con¬tact center solutions, making people more productive, customers more satisfied, and businesses more effective.

We also have expertise in deploying contact centre solution. NTG has predominantly concentrated on the Avaya solution, however NTG does provide complete IPT solution from other vendors like CISCO, asterisk open source solution etc.

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