CCTV & Security Solutions

We offer the complete range of CCTV and ACCESS CONTROL systems across all market sectors, whether it is in the BANKING SECTOR, transport sector, commercial, retail or any other market place, we will have a solution to fit the requirements.

With our IT experience and exposure to the expanding world of IP communications and telephony, our services and solutions to IP based security and monitoring systems are of high standards, we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for IP based security being able to offer everything from the Camera straight through to the configuration of your Cisco IP infrastructure to be able to view the camera images.


We offer a complete and absolute range of CCTV solutions, from small standalone, one camera systems through to multi site, digital analogue and IP CCTV systems, these include the following options:

  1. Town Centre Monitoring.
  2. Asset monitoring.
  3. Commercial Monitoring.
  4. Multi Site monitoring and digital management.
  5. Campus Site and integrated remote site monitoring.

There is no restriction on size or complexity whether it is small or large for us to be able to deal with.


We offer the complete range of standalone and online access control systems from single entry systems through to multi site, core control solutions. The access control market is rapidly becoming more and more IP based with some manufactures now scrapping the old RS232 / RS485 methods of connectivity in favour of IP communications, with IP based access control now becoming the standard, we have once again found ourselves in an ideal position to offer a complete solution from door to router.

Access control systems can be applied in many ways, people often just think of access control as a swipe card on a door or a code lock on the store room, this is not the case, access control spans a vast array of egress methods, an example of such methods are as follows:

  1. Swipe Card and Fob access.
  2. Biometric Finger / Face / Eye scanning.
  3. Digital code.
  4. Gates and barriers.
  5. Automatic raising bollards.
  6. Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

These various types of access can be applied and can result in an extensive array of outcomes, we supply and install access control systems to control access to a large array of uses, such are listed but not limited to as follows:

  1. Doors, Gates, Barriers & Bollards
  2. Employee time and attendance systems.
  3. Asset management and transit monitoring.

Our experience and knowledge of Access Control systems and Multi site monitoring and control enables us to offer any size of system anywhere within the Southern African Market, and so no project is without a solution.


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