About Us


The mission of the Company is to be a top rated international consulting and IT services company. Recognizing the inherent differences in operating cultures, working environment and objectives of its customers the Company will offer services and solutions which are tailor made to meet customer requirements and will be sought to maximize customer value and satisfaction. The Company will follow highest standards of ethical practices and professional integrity in all our corporate dealings. 

Corporate Goals

Continue to Build a World-Class Organization

Achieve Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Develop Market-Leading Business Solutions

Achieve Profitable Growth

Provide Effective and quality support and services

Statement of Capability  

The statement of capability provides extensive information on NTG’s ability to design, supply and implement the requirements envisaged by NTG’s clients.


NTG has been operational in Botswana since 2008. The operation which began as consultancy services has over the years evolved into a turnkey technology specialist company.

Financial Performance

The Botswana operation has continued to grow over the past 2 years with the financial backing of the globally successful partners like Cisco, HP, HCL etc. The organisation currently employs 17 staff of which 90% are Batswana.

Our financial backing from the financial institutions like Capital Bank, BancABC affords us the opportunity to deliver on large-scale projects where clients are looking for turnkey and risk-free implementations. Since 2008, NTG has done a turn-over of over 5 Million pula.

Resources & Technical Skills Base

NTG employs people based on their skill sets as well as their ability to develop their skills to the changing ICT industry.

Due to the world-class technical support from both our partner company and our suppliers, we are able to offer resources of the highest technical levels to our clients assuring a high-return on their technological investments.

Our Operational staffs (logistics, finance, project management) are backed by strong internal information systems and applications to ensure timely delivery and project completion.

Our local Cisco skill base of 2 Engineers, as well as, in excess of 50 engineers from India with CCNA, CCDA, CCDP and CCNP certifications ensure that NTG is able to provide customers with the skills base required to support their network infrastructure locally and globally. Added to the skills pool that NTG has, is the depth of the talent within the Indian Operations.

Support Structure

Service Level Agreements are administered from our Gaborone/India based Helpdesk where first line telephonic support is available to system administrators remotely. The outsourced service is tailored to suit the requirements of the client through his business objectives. NTG currently has SLA’s in place with a multitude of clients which cover Infrastructure, Security & Data Cabling, Networking, Microsoft, Enterprise (Sun, HP, Dell), VSAT as well as voice systems (PABX & IPT). We advise all of our clients to enter into a service level agreement to ensure business continuity through infrastructure uptime.

Local Spares and stock Holding

NTG maintains a stock-holding of around BWP 300,000 at any given time, of which a major component consists of spares-holding for Service Level Agreement (maintenance) clients. Our stock holding allows us to mobilise quickly for projects requiring mainstream equipment & technologies.


NTG has very good relationship with all the major industry manufacturers and software developers. The association varies from vendor to vendor and product to product. We have so far managed to have good tie-ups/partnership with: FORTINET (security appliances), Microsoft, Dell, HP, NetApp, FujitSu, Symantec, VMware etc.

Transportation and Communication

NTG also maintains a fleet of vehicles for easy mobilisation of resources and engineers. NTG has 1 Truck, 1 Bakkie and 1 Car at its disposal. It also has a tie-up with one of the transport companies for any large scale movement and transportation of equipment and other material.